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MINSK NIGHT CLUBS AND RESTAURANTSMinsk has a vibrant night life that is mostly represented by night clubs that have regular discos from Monday to Thursday and special events and parties on Friday night and weekends. The main stream in music that is played at the night clubs of Minsk nigh clubs is club music R’n’B and house. However, if you are interested in the music of other countries you can find clubs specializing in this or that sort of music. For instance, “Belaya Vezha” offers quality trance parties to its guests. If you are looking for a splendid night and are ready to spend much money “Bronx” club is what you need. Another great club is “Center” club that is situated on the October Square in the center of Minsk. It can boast an excellent sound and perfect lighting equipment.

Minsk has a great variety of restaurants form econ to luxurious first class service. They offer different kinds of world’s cuisine, comfort and style. Here you will also find great traditional Belarusian restaurants and mini pizzas. An average beer would cost you 3-5$ and a good meal at the restaurants starts at 15$. “Pojuschie Fontany” is a great jazz cafe and restaurant for the lovers of calm relaxing atmosphere. The restaurants serving European cuisine are: “Falcone” “Bella Rosa”, La Crete d’or, Renaissanse and many others.

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